Concert Videography & Live Streaming

Dave Wright has been involved with Live Audio Mixing, Mastering and Recording for over 20 years.  With Certificates from Recording Connection and Audio Institute of America, and internships at the top recording studios in San Diego, Dave has proven experiences in Audio. Dave also was the Audio Archivist for the Baja Bash and Keeth Mahoogan music festivals.  Once Dave mastered videography, it was a natural transition to capturing live music with video, and now with the inclusion of Live Streaming, bands, venues and corporate sponsors can reach a global audience via the web and creating another revenue stream.
Dave can be seen doing his job on a weekly basis on the TheoryThursday webcast where he wares many hats.  Dave's duities are as followed: Live camera operation; live switching; live audio mixing; live streaming, and live media playback.

Here's a sample of some of our shows.

  • Audio and Video Concert recording, capturing, editing and live streaming.
  • Monetize your show.
  • Video hosting.
  • Live stream, or capture, your band in the studio, or band practice.
  • Facebook live, Youtube, and most other platforms, capable.

Back in August 1, 2016 Dave recorded and live streamed, via Youtube, the Electric Waste Band at Winston's Beach Club in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA.  View this great show as it was, live streamed on that day.

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